Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo Review

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo Review

This was the shampoo I was using for the past two months. I was attracted to it because the products said paraban-free. I didn't think twice as not many shampoo options are available at that price point in today's market.
And it was also a long time since I was testing out a Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner range. I am currently using another conditioner from the same brand and it's almost over, I will be reviewing it very shortly. It's a product I love but can't find here in India. Stay tuned for that post too.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo
Strong and Abundant are the two other words that caught my eye.
The packaging is pretty sleek and I like the light sea green bottle. They match with the interior of my bath. :)
This shampoo comes infused with ginseng root and oil. I used up all of the shampoo and was surprised it got over so quickly too. Not that there is any less of it, I just think I used up more of it as it lathers less. I just need a good ol' lather to keep me thinking that my scalp is being stripped off completely. ;)
The product is a pale sea-green, shimmery, lotion-like consistency. Not too thin, just right.
I really love the smell, it's very fruity and fresh.
Even though it does not lather all that much, it does give you a green, clean feel.
I already have full, thick and heavy hair so I did not find any difference in terms of fullness of hair. Hair fall seems to be just about the same as I normally have. So I don't know how much it would help you from preventing baldness.

The good thing is that it kept my hair moisturized because now I am using another shampoo and boy have I got to tell you how dry it has become now. This shampoo did well on terms of keeping my hair moisturized.

The does contain SLS and silicone. More green and organic shampoos for us next time, Sunsilk?

MRP Rs.64/80ml and Rs.132/180ml

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Paper Boat Drinks Review

Paper Boat Golgappe Ka Pani

Long drawn summers are about to begin and what better time than to review these very Indian drinks. I don't see other brands featuring flavors as special to the Indian palate and so I find the brand very unique.

I am checking out three of their flavors in today's post and let's start with Golgappe Ka Pani!

It is very sweet and tangy, most of their drinks are a mix of sweet, salty and sour. So if you are like me, if you like both in combination you will enjoy most of their flavors. The taste of lime juice, tamarind juice, black salt, sugar, cumin and a dash of ginger tickle your tongue. A look at the ingredient list and you will be quite amused to find lal mirch, coriander, pepper, nutmeg, ajwain and amchur powder all peppered in there too. Wow, I wouldn't have guessed. :)

They stress on the packaging that there is no junk in here. 

Next up is Imli Ka Amlana! The names are also as unique as the flavors.

Paper Boat Imli Ka Amlana
This one was quite a bit of a surprise, it started off with a nice amla-cola flavor but has a slight medicinal after taste. It is quite interesting in flavor. Sweet, tangy, cola-ish for lack of a better word.
I found this quite interesting among the ones I tried this time round. There is a lot of sweet in here, along with tamarind, black salt, ajwain, ginger, cinnamom, fennel, black pepper, cumin,

It also looks like cola just without all the fizz.

I also tried Jaljeera. Let me just start off by saying that I am not a Jaljeera person. I like regular jeera water but I do not like Jaljeera. I mean the regular kind of Jaljeera, that you get at restaurants.
So I was not sure if I could review this wholesomely. But I will give it a try.

There's some strong jeera in here peppered with the usual spices you see in the other two drinks with a dash of lemon juice. It's sweet and , uhmm well, it's tastes like Jaljeera does. lol ;) Those of you who love jaljeera might be going, 'Who is this bloody girl that hates freaking Jaljeera, man?' I know, I know. You love it!

What I do have to say about these juices is that they do give you a much needed electrolyte kick if you are in the hot sun and you really want something refreshing, just get it chilled and slurp it down. It will definitely replenish all the salt you have lost.
Not to mention, with all those spices and stuff in there, must be really cooling for the body in summer.

I think these drinks along with the whole packaging will be a sure hit this summer. Some of you may have already tried these out because they have been in the supermarket shelves long enough for you to let me know what your comments are about these products. What flavors do you enjoy?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: Shattered Dreams, Ramayana: the Game of Life, Book 2

Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the much acclaimed bestseller, The Rise of the Sun Prince, by noted author Shubha Vilas. It is the powerful chronicle of a super human effort which one can relate to this day and age of human struggle. Never have I read such a remarkably written version of Rama's exile. The book gripped me from the get-go that I finished it in one sitting. Beautiful depiction of an epic tale that most of our generation are most likely to not have read, if maybe, just pieces and parts of. This book is a very adaptable version that works for our times.

You may really find the foot- notes of most pages very insightful and mind blowing as have I. I have felt the need to highlight them and some of the text in the book as it felt that I could go over them for re-reads. Extremely spiritual and in depth thinking has gone in to this piece of work.

I, personally, love reading the dedication at the beginning of each book and was to delighted to see Shubha Vilas so lovingly dedicate this book to his grandmother who used to narrate to him bedtime stories that planted the seed for the emergence of this book.

The book has nine chapters and 386 pages.

This dramatic story line unfolds with King Dasaratha frantically trying to escape his past which finally leads to his announcement of his heir; an aging king craves for repose which was met with jubilant acceptance. But it made him plunge into self-doubt. Now, that is the complexity of the human mind. It gets overshadowed to feel instability in place of pride, sadness in place of happiness. There are numerous accounts in this book of the complications we face in our relationships if the management of the mind is not understood or dealt with properly. Also within this book are six solutions to overcome obstacles of any nature to our ambitions and goals in life. It teaches us how to manage reversals in life efficaciously.

How wittingly the author takes on time and winds the story deep into the labyrinths of our thoughts especially when you come across a nightmare that cannot be chased.

The footnotes are exemplary lessons
I am stating some of my favourite ones but I will not put all of them down here..

-How long can one go with a smiling face and a crying heart?(I have left it incomplete as it would kill the joy of reading the entirety a second time)

-The easiest way to forget your limitation is to shift focus from self absorption to active facilitation.

-Damned by despair and buoyed by hope. Isn't that what life is about? Life is a combination of hope and despair. The one that dominates you, carves your personality.

-Calamity in friendship is absence of a person during sad times. ( I had to pick this one from the rest of this footnote as it just related to me so much with my friendship with someone I truly love and genuinely care about but the friend just turned around and put up a wall against me when I needed them the most. For no apparent reason. That's life, huh? I guess you really can't depend on love from a friend you've known for over a decade when you need them the most. I think it's wrong to even expect and think you need it. I really learned an avalanche of lessons there and these footnotes are mind-blowing. MIND-BLOWING, I say!)

- Resistance to inevitable change is a result of nature's painful unpredictability of the consequence of change. (There is such an amazing few pages written on change and how many of us really need to read this part, you must get this book just to find out what is written about this, it's explained so beautifully how to conquer your six inner enemies)

So after Rama's coronation and most of this story revolves around this, there was another coronation. That of Dasagriva, to the magical throne of Lanka. Dasagriva? Who is he? Ravana!!!
No sooner than that, the throne is threatened by his own blood. How will you tolerate someone possessing something that you yourself lost? Shiva please by Dasagriva's prayers decides to release him from his pain and named him RAVANA; along with the promise of a boon which was happily and certainly misused making the universe squirm. After upsurping Kubera's kingdom, he toured the world subjugating all powerful warriors creating fear among the controllers of the universe.

As the grim drama played out, Brahma watched in disdain and decided to mediate with the causer of worldly troubles by praising him no end. Now praise can melt a mountain and so it did the evil king. Ravana's sins took shape as the grey hair on Dasaratha's head. The shadowing loom is narrated seamlessly. This is a saga of ultimate sacrifice of the self and service to fellow men.

A wife does her duty and carries it on no end. A dutiful brother follows his sibling and leaves no stone un-turned in serving him righteously. A son who is completely devoted to his parents even if it meant exile into a forest and leaving his comfort behind accepts it as years of learning. Each character represents an official form of learning. If Laxman represented righteousness, then Urmila did faith.

Sumitra, Kaikeyi, Bharatha, Manthara, Urmila, Shatrugna, Kausalya, Guha, Anasuya, Sage Vasistha are all so graphically depicted. We all know the story but we do not know it this way. From Ayodhya to  Chitrakoot to the Dandakaranya jungles, a journey awaits. The author takes you through it like a spiritual guide and you the seeker need to find your path, It is a highly recommended reading for one and all. I urge you to pick this up and gift it to your friends and family.

You can follow the author Shubha Vilas here
You can learn more about Valmiki's Ramayana online

A foot note to my review:  I really enjoyed receiving this book and I thank BlogAdda for giving me a chance for the same. I have read many books over the past year and this has got to be the best by far as it really taught me some things that I would like to go over again. Definitely a great, soulful read. Do check it out.

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Hazelnut Latte at Barista Lavazza Cafe in Dubai Festival City

Me and coffee have not always gone well together. Don't get me wrong, I love the smell and the flavour but it just does not sit well with my digestive system. Friends find me weird, especially when they say they want to go for coffee and I'd think, ' long as they have other options at the cafe, I am game.'

So this time, it was just Dad, mom, sis and me at Dubai Festival City when the parents wanted their tea break. We'd just gotten out of Ikea and that had already run everyone down. Have you seen how huge the Ikea is there? And how wonderful! I love going there every visit. We needed to fill up on fuel.

We found the Barista Lavazza Cafe on the 1st floor. It was a more outdoor-sy setting than an inside a cafe feel. I loved it. The counter was up front and the chairs and circular seating behind it. We chose a quiet corner table. Unfortunately, the waiter took a very, very long time to attend to us. They were packed. Finally when he did turn up, he was very sweet but most of the items on the menu were over. I had no plans to eat so I just chose the Hazelnut Latte. I love Hazelnut flavour and thought it might oust the caffeine trouble I always have.

Our order, too, took ages to materialize. And when it did, we were disappointed that the beverages were all lukewarm as opposed to piping hot. Such a tragedy. I mean who likes to drink coffee at such an odd temperature. Not me!

But it did taste nice. Not perfection. Just nice. I wouldn't order it again if that's the way they make it.
It also came with a lovely almond biscotti which was perfection :) So that kept me happy.

I have had Lavazza's coffee earlier and I found their espresso blends to be smooth and a true blend with a rich flavour. The coffee at this place, for what reason I do not know, was simply not at par of Lavazza standards. I would not ultimately recommend this place for your caffeine fix.

For those of you who are still curious, Yes I still had tummy pains after coffee. Which was as expected. No disappointments there.

Located at
Level 2, 
Festival City, Deira, Dubai

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015: The year I make it happen!

I am very positive that this is the year that I get in touch with what I have always wanted to do and achieve in my life. I am all pumped to start this year with fresh energy, faith and love.
The year for exercise and getting charge of my body. The previous years were just a testing out phase but this year I am going to make it happen. I got my fitness gear ready and setting up music for working out. We always need music, don't we? Else work out will just be a good ol' bore.

It is also a year for very hard work. With the hard work I did last year, I was able to take care of myself and family in many more ways than I was able to do before. That has given me a sense of self empowerment. 

It was also a year for goodbyes. Goodbyes to a most precious loved one, friends who could not see me for who I was inside and situations that I just could not understand, better left not understood.

It will also be the year for cleaning up and getting organized, now this is the part I like and I loathe. Both at the same time.

Here's to renewed cheer and hopefully a slower, relaxed year even with the things that I need to get done. A year of study, hard work, fitness, friends, love and family. Wish you all the best life yet! Live free. Love. Laugh

ps- Send me some of your favorite workout playlist songs so I can add them to my playlist too

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best Hair Stylist In Mangalore: Fringge Elite Unisex Salon Review

If you have been searching for the best hair stylist in Mangalore, guys and girls, your search ends here. Trust me, when I say I have been searching and been through so many hair dressers in the city who have always chopped off my locks and zipped it in a poly bag(I guess they used to sell it), I've had all kinds of nightmares happen to me, that I used to fear going for a cut in this city.
I used to either fly all the way to Pune or Bangalore or Dubai and wait till vacation to get my hair dressed. That was up until I met Santosh Kumar. Now this is the point where you drop chewing gum, reduce the volume of your tv sets and tell your dogs to stop barking because you are going to take notes from here. And take them well because you won't find this information anywhere on the internet. Believe me, I've tried. You want a stylist who is kind, concerned and ever-willing to listen to your hair issues? Are you looking for someone who knows hair and has been doing hair all his life? He knows intuitively what you want and what is good for you. I swear, you guys, I was sweating thinking of giving my precious locks in the hands of a stranger but from the minute I entered this salon, it felt like I had landed in the right place.

When you enter, make sure you ask for the head stylist, Mr.Santosh Kumar. I know he cuts hair really well and I was very particular that he took care of me. He was already working on another client, so I had time to snoop around and get to know the place. I actually had a little bit of a hard time finding the place, initally, because I could not see a board outside the building, only when you enter do you even see an arrow pointing into the lift, then you go up and land here. This miracle of a little spa hole which I wouldn't have imagined while I was coming up.

While I waited, their very sweet staff handed over some awesome magazines to read. On any other day, I would have dived right into it being an avid reader but today, I was more into browsing the place and checking out their lovely interiors. The place was spanking clean, styled in all white with black plush furniture. The seating was very comfy and atmosphere was really relaxed. The ambience and music was really lovely. Great care and a good amount of thought was given to building up this place. Well, it definitely shows.

Fringge Elite Unisex Salon Mangalore Review
This parlor is unisex and it has both male and female waiting staff. I was taken in for my hair wash by a trained female staff. She knew exactly how to do her job, she was trained to perfection, I have very thick hair but she didn't tire of washing and conditioning it. They have fresh towels to wrap up your hair. Did I already mention how hygienic everything was. Score full points for that.

It did not take all that much time as you are given an appointment and based on that, you get to your hair styling station quite soon. Santosh apologized for making me wait, like just for 5 minutes, he was so sweet. I immediately tried to talk to him about how concerned I was that my hair didn't get chopped off in an unsightly manner and that I wanted to keep some of my length. He absolutely listened to me patiently and he analyzed my hair. It was the very first time that someone understood my concerns of thick hair which was very heavy to tie in a ponytail. He gave me a cut, before which he went on to explain how it would help give some lightness to it while giving it some movement. I don't know hair the way he did but he sure knew what he was talking about. He was the first stylist who took the time and pain to explain to me the cut that he was going to give me and what purpose it would serve. He was quick, he knew his job, he was passionate about his work, his clients mean the world to him, he got talking and I don't talk to just about anyone. I just felt such an instant connect with him. I asked him where he was all my life!!! And why there was no board outside. He told me that most of his customers came by word of mouth and he wanted to give a personalized experience to each one of them. But I seemed to be the only one who didn't know of this place. I bumped into three of my friends while I was waiting. And I wanted to hit them on the heads for not telling me about this place. Wow, people keep secrets like this!!!

I must tell you I was so impressed at how elated I was to have met him. He was not trying to sell me stuff. Why I mention this is due to  my previous experiences with top notch parlors here in Mangalore went like five minutes into cutting my hair and their stylists would be trying to sell me a whole range of Loreal shampoo, conditioner and hair waxes I would never use or need. The experience was never relaxed unlike at this wonderful place. He was just doing his job and that was giving me the cut that I wanted.

How did I finally find this place? I asked around many groups, friends, online, googled and finally found out from somewhere that Santosh had a certification from Toni n Guy. That made my eyes pop. A Toni n Guy certification, in Mangalore!!! How did I miss this?

He has trained all his staff members to be excellent. They provide a wide list of services. There were people from all age groups visiting the salon while my hair was being worked upon. Usually you tend to see mostly youngsters here but even the elderly were very comfortable and made to feel at ease here. I could totally see myself getting my dad here when he is in town next. Guys, this place does not just pamper girls, you will get awesome hair cuts. Come here!

He asked me what products I used for my hair. He liked that the hair was really thick. I told him I used mainly organic products and did test out the new stuff out in the market as I was a blogger.  But I still stuck with only what worked for me in the end. He was advising against using chemicals and unwanted treatments.

I was so comfortable. After my hair was cut, it was styled and blow-dried by a lovely assistant who did her job to the T.

There is also a wall here where you can read all the comments and thank you notes from the lovely clientele that frequent this place. I got to add my note on the wall too. I think it's such a cute gesture and the wall is for everyone to see.

 I went there with limp and heavy hair and came back with lovely, gorgeous locks with lots of movement even with keeping the volume.

The salon has a whole range of services if you would like to explore, I will list out their website and further details at the end of this post.

This is me signing off with my latest experience and would love to review and see more professional and amazing places like this one here in Mangalore. Do give this place a try and let me know your favorite places in the city.

You may contact the parlor at :
Fringge Elite
2nd Floor, Essel Centre
M.G. Road, Mangalore,
Phone : 0824-4274044
Mobile : +918971014323
Email :



Hair Care
Face/ Neck /Back
Senior Stylist
Shampoo & Conditioning and blow dry (Short, Medium, Long, Curls)
Spiral Curls
Color Application – Root Touch-Up
Natural Hair Coloring ( Short, Medium, Long )
Global Coloring ( Short, Medium, Long)
Root Touch-Up Coloring
Natural Hair Coloring ( Short, Medium, Long )
Global Hair Coloring (Short, Medium, Long)
Hair Streaking
X Ten So ( Short, Medium, Long )
Henna ( Short, Medium, Long )
Perming ( Short, Medium, Long )
Ironing ( Short, Medium, Long )
Hot Roller ( Medium, Long )
Full Body
Manicure And Pedicure
Normal Manicure
Normal Pedicure
Aroma Manicure
Aroma Pedicure
Paraffin Manicure Spa
Paraffin Pedicure Spa
Studio Manicure Spa
Studio Pedicure Spa
( A Truly Fantastic treat for the feet , it penetrates skin moisturizers and removes fine lines and wrinkles and bends a miled lightening effect )
French Manicure
French Pedicure
Cut, File and and Polish ( Fingers and Toes )
French Nail Polish
Cut and File ( Fingers )
Cut and File ( Toes )
Nail Art
Temporary Nail Extension
Permanent Nail Extension
Hair Spa – The Studio Pick ( Short & Medium Hair )
( Includes a deep cleansing scalp massage coupled with International deep conditioning treatment that stimulates Circulation to the hair follicles adds bounce and controls Dandruff a fine panacea for dry brittle and falling hair )
Power Dose
Aminexil ( Advanced double action anti – hairloss Programme )
Pro – Keratin Shine Bond ( Hair is repaired deeply hydrated & shiny, feels soft & healthy )
Frizzy & Unmanageable Hair ( Smoothing Hair )
Hair Repair ( Damaged & Dry Hair )
Power Dose Color Hair
Anti Hair Fall Breakage
Skin Care
Face Massage
Zap e’m
Fresh Fruit Face Spa
Classic Face Spa
Chocolate Facial
Classic Aroma Face Spa
Great Classic Face Spa
Skin Lightning
Great Classic Twin Spa
Studio Fringge Face Spa
Full Arms
Full Legs
Half Arms
Half Legs
Under Arms
Full Body
Upper Lip
Chin & Neck
Full Face
Head Massage
( For blowdry Rs. 100/- Will be charged extra )
Mint Magic (15min)
Basic Bliss (15min)
Almond Affair (20min)
Olive Overture (20min)
Drastic De-Stress The Studio Pick (30min)
( A wholesome neutralizing package that includes deep scalp cleansing, a massage and a custom made hair cocktail with essential oil for stressed tresses )
Bridal Makeup
Bridal Package
Hair Cut and Styling, Studio Manicure and Pedicure Spa, Studio Facial Make Up, Full Body Herbal Bleech, Full Body Waxing.


Hair Care
Hair Cut ( Inclusive of Shampoo & Conditioning )
Senior Stylist
Shampoo & Conditioning
Shampoo, Styling & Setting
Moustache / Beard Trim
Moustache Beard Art
Beard Coloring
Natural Hair Coloring
Global Hair Coloring
Hair Spa – The Studio Pick ( Short & Medium Hair )
Hair Spa – The Studio Pick ( Long Hair )
( Includes a deep cleaning scalo massage coupled with International deep conditioning treatment that stimulates Circulation to the new follicles adds bounce and controls Dandruff a fine panacea for dry brittle and falling hair )
Power Dose (Per Bottle)
Aminexil (Per Bottle)
( Advanced double action anti- hairloss Programme )
Pro – Keratin Shine Bond
(Hair is Repaired deeply hydrated & Shiny, feels Soft & Healthy)
Manicure And Pedicure
Normal Manicure
Normal Pedicure
Aroma Manicure
Aroma Pedicure
Paraffin Manicure Spa
Paraffin Pedicure Spa
Studio Manicure Spa
Studio Pedicure Spa
( A Truly Fantastic treat for the feet , it penetrates skin moisturizers and removes fine lines and wrinkles and bends a miled lightening effect )
Cut and File ( Fingers and Toes )
Natural Hair Coloring
Global Hair Coloring
Kids Haircut (below 10 Yrs)
Straightening – Beginning
Smoothening – Beginning
Make – Up
Out Station
Full Body
Skin Care
Face massage
Fresh Fruit face spa
Classic Face Spa
Chocolate Facial
Classic Aroma Face Spa
Great Classic Face Spa
Skin Lightning
Great Classic Twin Spa
Studio Fringge Face Spa
Head Massage
Mint Magic (15min)
Basic Bliss (15min)
Almond Affair (20min)
Olive Overture (20min)
Drastic De-Stress The Studio Pick (30min)
( A wholesome neutralizing package that includes deep scalp cleansing, a massage and a custom made hair cocktail with essential oil for stressed tresses )
Bridegroom Package
Hair Cut and Styling, Make-Up, Coloring, Studio Manicure and Pedicure Spa, Studio Facial

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TRESemme Smooth Salon Silk Conditioner review

Hey blogger bees :)

I am back with a review of this conditioner which took me forever, almost all of this year, to get through. Finally, I am in a great position to be able to review this product. First off, to be all fair to this review, I would like to let you know about my hair type. It is luscious, very thick hair which is prone to frizz when exposed to humidity. I have very long hair and recently got a cut. I will review the salon that I visited lately and would like everyone to check the place out as I believe it's one of the best salons in Mangalore. Great stylist, you guys!
TRESemme Smooth Salon Silk Conditioner
I require a heavy duty product to condition my tresses as they weigh in really strong and I need something to give it some lift and airiness.

This is a white coloured cream conditioner, it is satiny texture wise and has a nice floral smell.
Not too strong and the smell does not last after the wash, leaving your hair quite netural.
It is not too thick, the consistency is slightly runny.
You leave the conditioner in and you can feel that it gets absorbed into your hair.
It leaves your hair quite sleek after rinsing it off.
It says that it has an advanced smoothing system with vitamin H and silk proteins.
Vitamin H is Biotin. I have heard that it can cause acne for most folks, I've had a slight bout of acne all through this year. Won't say that it could have been caused by this product but since I have stopped using it now, will update if it clears up.
My frizz does not get properly managed by using this particular product. Sorry to say, that claim does not hold good here.
Maybe it would work better for lighter, thinner and hair that is not as heavy as mine.
If you live in a humid climate zone, you will need something that is stronger in duty than this baby.
It doesn't help with my tangles all that much, but I am not complaining. It does what an average conditioner would do. No great shakes about it.

How do you use this product?

1.Apply an adequate amount of product from mid-shaft to ends first (like you are making a ponytail) on wet, shampooed hair. Depending on your thickness and length, you want an amount that coats all your hair.

2. Work anything that's left through roots and crown.

3. Run a wide-tooth comb from roots to ends to detangle hair. This is the safest method for detangling without causing breakage as the conditioner adds a protective barrier.

4. Leave on for 3-4 minutes. 

5. Rinse thoroughly.

All in all, it's quite ok but I have already moved on to another product for conditioning purposes.