Pantene PRO V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Pantene PRO V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo review


Product Guide 

Use daily to prevent the 10 signs of hair damage. Contains Keratin Damage blockers technology that provides 99% protection against damage.
Gives you softer, more manageable hair.

The shampoo is contained in a matte white finished container with a golden flip cap. Due to the broad base, the bottle can rest well on your bath shelf.
It's pretty basic packaging and I have also traveled with this , it's travel friendly. No leaks.

The product is really creamy in consistency and a pearly white color. 
It lathers well with more water, if your water is hard it may not lather as much.
This really needs to be worked into the scalp and hair with a nice massage; then only does it
remove any greasiness from your scalp really well.
The smell is the same as all Pantene shampoos, a sort of floral feel to it.
I have found the product effective enough but an aunt of mine who I lent it to while we were traveling raved about it and I gave her my bottle. She asked me, 'Ye foreign ka maal hai jya?' (Is this a foreign product, because she hadn't seen this variant in India)
So she was super impressed and she has very dry, frizzy hair and she said it left her hair feeling conditioned too.
I feel the same about it, you do not always need a conditioner if you are using this product on a regular basis.

Rating 4/ 5
Rs.69 for 75 ml, available here

Pantene PRO V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner Review

Product Guide

Replenishes the health of damaged hair by moisturising and protecting its cuticles. Use at every wash for continuous protection against the day-to-day damage inflicted on your hair.

• Repairs hair damaged by everyday activities
• Nourishes hair from root to tip
• Prevents further hair damage with 99% protection 

The conditioner, too, comes in matte white container with a golden flip cap.
It's pretty basic packaging and I have also traveled with this , it's travel friendly. No leaks.


Really creamy, heavy on moisturisation. Leaves hair really shiny and in control.
Helps with keeping the frizzes under control.
Doesn't weight my hair down too much, over all it does it's job well.
I like the shampoo and conditioner equally. Normally, there would be a discrepancy and I usually tend to
lean towards liking the conditioner more in a range. This range proves me wrong.

Rating 4/5
MRP Rs.69 for 75ml
Available here

Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean Up Review

Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean Up
Hello There :)

Summers have been so muggy and harsh. Just when I felt that the heat was giving away to cool summer nights, a heat wave starts to sweep the country. I feel really bad for those affected by the draught and the water crisis is so real, guys; we ought to take the time out to pause and decide as a country or as a collective world as to where this is all heading. I am very careful with water and the environment. Please try and avoid wastage as much as possible. In that way, even if it may be the least possible way, we can ensure that all of us get our daily supply of water.

Skin care has been my top priority during this heat crisis. I have been doubling up on products, toners, rose water, cotton swabs and you get the drill!
I've run through a few face wash tubes because I do not like getting all muggy and grimey. And I used to use a scrub weekly once but I finished this product from Nivea in these three months. I think I have a few things to say about it too.

Product guide

The products claims to be enriched with magnolia extracts to help you achieve clear and pure skin.
A unique cleansing complex helps deeply wash off impurities.
Active peeling particles unclogs pores and purifies skin from blackheads
You can leave it on as a face pack for a couple of minutes to ensure perfect complexion
The anti-bacterial formulation helps fight spot causing bacteria, leaving you with refreshed skin

Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean Up

I really like this kind of packaging. It comes in a white tube with a powder turquoise blue cap.
The base of the cap is broad enough to enable the product to stand in your vanity or bath easily.
The flip open cap mechanism helps ease out just the right amount of product with a bare squeeze of the tube.
The only minus is that you can't see how much product is left behind but I pretty much get to know when the weight of the tube starts to diminish.
I cannot find fault with the packaging in any other way, infact I have to say the attractive white and blue look made me reach for the product and grab it.

Nivea Pure Effect Total Face Clean Up


The product is really thick and has a paste like consistency. It has a comforting smell, like some of the nivea
It is quite granular with little powder blue scrub beads. You can use it gently and in a circular motion especially around pores and blackhead areas, your nose which maybe the problem area for most of you.
It is not very harsh and hence did not break my skin out.
Feels comfortable enough. On days that I had the luxury of time, I would just leave it on as a face pack before my bath and wash it off in the shower.
I did not find it give any enhanced sort of glow, nor did my blackheads reduce and when it comes to pores, I think it's just alright.
It's definitely a nice scrub but not the best I have tried. Definitely has a gentler formula though than most in the market. It does not lather at all. It's more creamy, like you are wiping your face off with cream but not that creamy either that it leaves a residue behind. None of that.
I think it's a multipurpose product and I like to take it when I travel, negates the need to take a face pask and a seperate scrub, face wash etc. All in one.

Rating 3.4/ 5

Rs.99 for 50ml, available here

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula Part 2

So let's chat a little about the second and final edition of this series. I attended this event in the peak afternoon. I consciously wore sunscreen and carried an umbrella but it was so hot that it did not help much. But once inside this tiny enclave, you lose yourself in the beautiful array of work showcased and you tend to forget the heat.

National level craft Bazaar Pilikula

National level craft Bazaar Pilikula
This particular stall had T-shirts, cotton sarees and salwar suits all dyed without any chemicals. Apparently these colors are obtained only from natural sources. I was very impressed. All the suit materials you see in this picture cost Rs.600. The prices are fixed and the lady is not ready to bargain with you. The suit pieces seem rough to touch but she assures me that with one wash, it becomes soft.The cotton sarees are priced above Rs.1200.

Cotton sarees

Stalls selling tie and dye suit material
 There were few stalls that sold all kinds of beads, baubles, shells and vastu related items.


This particular stall is run by this sweet lady, she was willing to even customize and make the pieces I designed. She said it would take her just a half hour to get the design ready. 

Enterpreneurs at Urban Haar Pilikula
 I got most of my stuff from this stall below. They had the cutest brass jewellery. I bought four brass etched bangles and two cute owl earrings. Their prices were so reasonable. I wanted to get more stuff, mainly earrings but I refrained.

Brass earrings

Jhumkas of all kinds

Cane furniture

Stalls set up in Pilikula

aren't these just gorgeous!

colorful footwear

Lots of cotton night suits, skirts, pyjama pants, dhoti pants and blouses were on display. They were reasonably priced too.

Love that blue skirt.
 This stall was exceptional as all the beautiful purses, clutches and handbags, rugs were made completely of banana bark!!!

Banana bark products
 These were such marvellous sculptures in wood. Many people were buying them for home decor and restaurant set ups. They give an old world charm.

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pilikula national craft bazaar

I believe you should go see the place for yourself and if you do manage to visit before the Haat ends, do let me know how you liked it :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I truely enjoyed my visit and look forward to going again some time.

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula Part 1

 What I really love is to shop at handicraft bazaars and Urban Haats. You get such unique, customized and hand-made goods that you can never find anywhere in urban shopping jungles like a mall. Every place I visit, I try to find out about their artisans and special goods localized and made only in that area. I was in for a delight when I heard that the Pilikula authorities were organizing and planning on keeping the Urban Haat as a regular enterprise. I already love Pilikula for the variety of things they organize and do. I love visiting their medicinal garden. I make sure I go there every three months. Now with the crafts bazaar going to be introduced as a regular feature, I will make my visits even more regular.

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula

 The National Crafts Bazaar has been organized in Pilikula from March 25th to April 3rd in Dr.Shivarama Karantha pilikula Nisargadama. Various arts and craftsmen from diverse locations from all over India have come to showcase their craftsmanship. Entry is free to the public. I love visiting Urban Haat.
Craftsmen have been invited to display their wares and if you are an avid buyer of handiwork, I suggest you head there asap as I believe tomorrow is the last day.

Urban Haat pilikula
The crafts bazaar has been on for 10 days and it has been exhibiting a wide variety of goods made from terracotta, jute, metal, silver, toys from Channapattana, shells, bead craft which has been housed in little roofed/tiled blocks.
Terracotta wares at Urban Haat Pilikula

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula
Hand woven fabric bags
Bead jewellery of all shapes,colors and sizes
Beautiful toys from Channapatna

Adivasi special herbal oils and medicated concoctions.
Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula
There is also a stall where Mr.Chiranjeevi shows us how he sculpts art on rice grains. It is quite interesting to see.

Amazing metal work at Pilikula
Then this particular stall had amazing metal work lamps, moorthis(sculptures) and the kind of figurines I have seen only inside temples. I figure they must be doing the work in those places. They were really fascinating and I spent quite some time observing the work and metal etching.
Giant Gold lamp at Urban Haat Pilikula
Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar Pilikula 2016

This post shall continue with a part 2, watch out for it next. There are more pictures coming up.

Till then, happy reading :)